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The phoenix


A solitary man

Reflecting, he spent his days

Seeking after his own truths

Which challenged the townsfolk ways


Their superstitions prevailed

So cloaked in the dark of night

They ransacked his home

Arresting him on sight


A blank page held the charge

Of the crimes of all his years

Bound and gagged he was tried

By a jury of their fears


Sticks piled about his feet

Flames burned with a strange chill

Until no one remained

On that dark and lonely hill


A howling whirlwind blew

With ash swirling ever tight

Glowing with a new life

And a mighty bird took flight


Eyes that burned with fire

The thunder his battle-cry

Claws wielding the flaming sword

Letting lightening bolts fly


He reduced the town to ash

As the earth trembled below

The valleys were raised up

And the mountaintops laid low


Turning his back on the past

He let out a vengeful cry

Now free for his solo flight

He headed home to the sky

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