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The golden fleece


One day I met a girl

With golden flowing hair

Her eyes a true sky blue

With skin so smooth and fair


We spun our dreams by day

And loved the whole night through

Nothing came between us

That love of ours was true


One day I took my leave

I had to earn my way

I would return with wealth

She would be true alway


Seeking fame and fortune

I crossed both land and seas

I met with treachery,

Pain, hunger and disease


There in my darkest hour

When death was all around

The hounds of hell would howl

No safety could be found


I drifted back in time

To eyes that lit my night

Her voice rang in my ears

Do not give up the fight


Seeking after a prize

To toil without cease

What toll would this search take

Seeking the golden fleece


While years had come and gone

The wheel of fortune changed

I started winning battles

Gaining fortune and fame


I returned for my love

Who brought my night the dawn

But when I looked in her eyes

I saw her love was gone


She lived with another

Given me up for dead

Eyes that once shown brightly

Showed sadness now instead


So I set off alone

The wealth too much to bare

The fame far too fleeting

Now there’s no one to share


Seeking a mythic prize

To toil without cease

The love and life I lost

Became the golden fleece

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