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No heart left for the game


Pulling on my heartstrings

And dizzied by your charms

Playing games with my mind

Your childlike way disarms


You play hide while I seek

A love game strategy

Turning me upside down

A comic tragedy


By who’s rules do we play

A truce is not enough

Beat you at your own game

Or do I call your bluff


I see its getting late

Love a flickering flame

Time for a get away?

You play a heartless game


Your eyes, they laugh at me

Forever on my case

Your taunts are merely cries

To put you in your place


Seeds of love unplanted

Worlds will you never know

How can you ever reap

If you will never sow?


I see it is too late

My hope a dying flame

I have to break away

No heart left for the game

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