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Living between the lines


Going in the out door

I don’t believe in signs

Ain’t got social values

Don’t see no grand design

I make up my own rules

Can’t take no nine to five

Don't believe in social order

Don’t need no corporate jive


Priest with some fool’s wife

The judge is on the take

Doctor’s pushing drugs

Politician on the make


Rich men make the laws to

Protect their pots of gold

They do what they want but

You should do what you’re told


Square lead us in circles

Leave us in desperate straights

Selling us to the devil

They claim it’s our just fate


With no rhyme or reason

Thoughts become impulsive

I can’t break the circuit

Now I’m so compulsive


You say I’m out of order

I say what’s on my mind

That’s why you won’t find me

Living between the lines

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