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Life in the corporate jungle

A forest of concrete columns

With a cold and lifeless feel

A silver glass canopy

Tied together with vines of steel


It’s a long climb to the top

To become king of the beasts

Battling for turf every day

From the jungle’s law none released


Snares are set and traps are laid

As one tries to trip the other

Ambush from behind some corner

Victims of one another


Young and old lions square off

Standing toe to toe, eye to eye

To lock horns in a test of wills

See the eco-darwinists vie


Each camp has its pecking order

Opposing factions snipe away

Chattering of a brewing storm

The meek scatter out of the way


With butting heads and flying fur

They scratch and claw for higher ground

Only the strong can still survive

By the timeless rituals we’re bound


To the victor go the spoils

The loser just licks his wounds

Victim of an inglorious fall

Silhouette on a lonely moon


How civilized we have become

In escaping our brutish past

Superior to nature’s world

No telling how long we’ll last

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